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Friday, 10 February 2012

New website is here!!!!!

http://www.the-doggydiner.co.uk/     finally I have a brand new WEBSITE and it contains everything you need to know. Thank you all so much for visiting this blog and hopefully you will visit the website too. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Website is coming!!!!

I am so excited guys I really am as I have been working on a brand new website which takes everything I have been doing on here but makes it so much more easier for you guys to see everything.

I have registered a new domain name and I hope it all get`s the go ahead very soon but I will be posting a quick link on here for you all to have a look when I can.........

I really hope you will all like it!! xx 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

This is what we do and why we do it.

The Doggy-Deli is very quickly becoming established as an alternative to commercialised rubbish. Many, many times I have been asked to advise on dog`s diets and recommend alternatives to huge sack loads of chemical laden “Treats”.
I spent a number of years researching dog foods, biscuits, bones and treats. Often in very small print the ingredients would commit themselves to the bin. Offering permitted colours (within Europe) is not an excuse or an agreement that we will continue to buy them nor is it an excuse to look for safer alternatives.
 Due to well-known commercial companies deciding to use cheap fillers and research departments refusing to source safer colour enhancements and create tastier treats I started what is now a fledging business “The Doggy-Deli”. The Doggy-Deli is and will always be an additive, colour and artificial flavour environment. We source safer preservatives, natural ones. We source safer flavours-real ones. We source safer colours-natural ones.
 We have a vast range of biscuits, treats and cakes all natural and baked individually for you. We do not mass bake and store, we create, bake and send out yours and yours only.  Below are examples of what we do. People choose to order by phone, e-mail or Pay-pal. Please take a look and see what you fancy? If you have any questions and I mean any questions then do please get in touch.
Firstly we have our range of 20 biscuits to suit even the questionable pallet among you. Like any biscuit storage is the key to keeping these crunchy and not damp and gooey. You can simply place these biscuits in a cardboard box or an unsealed plastic bag should you not have a cookie jar or ceramic. Biscuits stored correctly have in cooler environments lasted between 6-8 weeks but differ from country to country.

Each pack of biscuits is weighing approx 180-210 grams depending on choice and you will receive 20 biscuits (8-10cms) in our exclusive Doggy-Deli biscuit bags. Currently we have small biscuits to much on and these go down well with; Yorkshire Terriers, West Highland Terriers and other small dogs, medium sized biscuits that dogs like Airedale Terriers, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and other medium sized dogs as well as large biscuits that suit German Shepherds, Kuvasz and my own dog.
Each bag of 20 biscuits costs £1.49* (average weight 180-210gm) each bag of 20 biscuits comes delicately wrapped in one of our exclusive The Doggy-Deli biscuit bags.

Our gorgeous biscuit products;

·     A plain cookie for those chilled out dogs. Simple.  
·     Mouth-watering Morsels containing chicken and oats.

·     Gourmet cookies containing cheese and fresh greens 
·     Plaque fighting cookies proven to fight plaque and improve gum quality 
·     Beef bones a crunchy meaty biscuit  for those carnivorous dogs   
·     Country cookies. A crispy biscuit with oats and honey            
·     Cheesy dreams a golden flecked biscuit for a tasty healthy treat            
·     Outdoor training biscuit a nutty flavoured crunchy cookie    
·     Oldies softies for older dogs or dogs with missing teeth     
·     Indoor training biscuit seek and you will find     
·     Speckled cookie containing peas and carrots    
·     Low fat cookies but still enjoyable 
·     Veggie cookies for those non meat eaters  
·     Glorious holiday shortbread cookies with peanut butter 
·     Holiday treats with honey, oats, cheese, bran and beef          

*excluding Beef bones which are priced at £1.99 per bag of 20.

Friday, 20 January 2012

My book details.

So I am writing my book on what I believe will cover all health/food issues for dog owners out there. I have just finished writing the chapters for lots of major issues including cancer and diabetes in dog`s. What I think makes this book different though from so many out there is that it gives you information on how to still make sure your dog is getting all of the nutrients he/she needs. It shows you how to make home made food directly associated with each illness or disease.
So many times we go to vets and they give us huge amounts of information and a life time of prescription drugs but very little else. We sometimes get pressured to use the vastly expensive dog foods they currently have on promotion (they all have them). I want to remove all that, strip it down to basics and make it all affordable.

Any chapter suggestions would be greatly appreciated so please do leave comments! :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Book-Available very very soon.

Over the years I have been asked many many times to write a book with regards to my research and knowledge I have gained in the Dog food industry. 
Although writing a book is appealing I decided I would much prefer to send out a document that looks like a book via e-mail as a PDF document. The document will have glossy pictures but much more importantly it will have information you will fine useful. 
Having a dog diagnosed with an illness is just too painful and a lot of information you get told at a surgery you forget by the time you get home. Because of this I decided to put all of the information in one place. I tackle such illnesses as Heart disease, Liver disease, Kidney disease, Diabetes, Gluttony and overweight and more. It is important for me to give you all of the information in terms we can all understand. I wanted to let people know what nutrients and vitamins to increase and decrease. I wanted to let people know of what ingredients to keep in and most certainly keep out. 
The document will give clear understandable recipes and even have pictures too. 
I will also be adding more happier subjects such as a whole chapter on dinner time. Glorious recipes including Pan fried chicken, Pasta plate and more. All of the recipes have been devised and researched to fit a dogs diet and needs. Exclusively. 
The Doggy-Deli as you know creates and bakes treats and these too will be added. I will show you how to create 100% safe healthy hard chocolate that dogs CAN eat. 
All of the recipes will be incredibly healthy and appealing to all dog`s. 

So I just wanted to let people know what I have been and continue to be doing and it will be available soon for me to send over to people as a document via e-mail. 

Speak soon!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Valentine Brownie

Valentine Day is a great time to focus on loved ones and why should your pooch not also share the day? I have researched a brand new product from The Doggy-Deli product development in the kitchen.  The day`s ingredient of choice…… squash.  Not only are these tasty and nutritious, but a great source of beta carotene. Squash is also packed with potassium and high in fibre to help with doggie digestive systems.

Nutritional facts (16 oz of cooked squash):

97 calories
4 grams protein
24 grams carbohydrates
72 mg calcium
97 mg phosphorus
4 mg iron
265 RE vitamin A
19 mg vitamin C
*And a variety of essential minerals

Our products are thoroughly tested and researched

Researching products and ingredients that I can use for The Doggy-Deli is very important when it comes to baking the best treats possible. 
Running The Doggy-Deli Over the past 12 months Cleo and I have experimented with many different recipes working hard to create a delicious and nutritious product; a product that will sustain its freshness for a reasonable amount of time.  I found out soon enough that this would be one of the biggest challenges I would face baking all natural dog treats.  How do you preserve a product without adding actual preservatives?  What’s the best way to prevent mould?  Does packaging play a part in shelf life?  These are all questions that I’ve been faced with throughout this process, and luckily I’ve found some answers…
The first thing that I needed to do was to research natural preservatives.  Thanks to the internet I found that honey, cinnamon, sage, rosemary and cloves are all ingredients I can use to preserve my treats.  I’m currently baking with honey and cinnamon to test this theory, as I thought they would be the most appealing ingredients to add to each of my four recipes. The feedback I am receiving from people like Linda Lusardi has been incredibly positive.
With all natural dog treats, mould is a definite concern.  I understand that as a customer if you are paying for a product the last thing you want after a couple of days is to notice mould on any treats. I have successfully come up with a list of ingredients that are guaranteed to produce NO mould at all. By leaving out yeast this is a problem we do not have to suffer with.  We have found that if you store the treats in an open plastic bag or a closed tin you will have no problems for up to 3 week. The natural preservatives also help, but I learned that the cooling process would also play a key role in extending the shelf life of my product.  I now cool the treats in a dry cool area for 24-48 hours before packaging, eliminating excess moisture for optimum dryness.

I’m fortunate in the packaging department, as my treats are packaged in a specially designed and exclusively created plastic type biscuit bag.
We’re proud to offer you and your dog(s) the goodness of a 100% natural, wheat free snack, packaged for optimum freshness.